-“wickless” solid ceramic heating elements vapes clean and odourless – the clean taste is the difference

 -works awesome with thick raw distillate – no more thinning required. Also works best with un-thinned C02, CBD oil and MCT or terp thinned shatters (only not intended for RSO or full plant extracts labelled “for edible use only”)

-1.0 ml capacity component Pyrex glass tanks for easy fill from top or bottom fill

-hypoallergenic metal coils wrap around ceramic element for reduced contact

-optimized air-intake prevents clogging

-low ohm for TC control and low voltage (start at 6-8W, 3.8V and work up to find your balance of flavour and hit size)

-510 threads for interchangeability on most all batteries and mods 

-matching voltage optimized rechargeable stick batteries also available

-refillable & reusable


VAPE 710 V2.1