What are terpenes?

Terpenes are some of the building blocks of aroma and flavour.  A vast array of different plant species have been found to contain terpenes, sometimes 10 or 20, and it is these that comprise a plants smell and taste. 

Can I dab with these?

Yes Ofcourse just lower the corner of your Dab tool loaded with your dab into he liquid just making contact. This will increase flavour and effect of your Dab!!! 

Can I use these to add flavour to my flower?

Yes, just add a drop or two to your flower just prior to grinding.

Can I use these to dissolve my extracts?

Yes, you can use our terpenes to dissolve your extracts, we would advise a 2 part concentrate to 1 part terpene.so to mix a 0.5ml cartridge would be 0.4g of your faveourite concentrate and 0.2ml of one of terpenes.. iF flavour to loud can be diluted with fractioned coconut oil... only replace half your terpene content with the coconut oil so in this instance would be 0.4g concentrate, 0.1ml terpene of your choice and 0.1ml of frantionated coconut oil to make the full cartridge.

How do I use these to dissolve my extracts?

If mixing a single cartridge we recommend starting with around 0.4g of extract and adding 0.2g of terpenes .  Gently heat(shot glass inside a cup of water from a boiled kettle works a trick ) stir and let the extract dissolve . Once that's done, load your cartridge and let it sit and absorb into the wick for 10mins. This is just a recommendation and you should expect to experiment to find the perfect ratio for you.


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